Finding opportunity in change.

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Frontier & Emerging Markets for discerning Institutional Clients.

Since 2004, Consilium has Provided Pension Funds, Foundations, endowments and Family Offices with Portfolios Across the Equity Capital Structure

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Tailoring Portfolios to Investment Goals by Investing in Quality Growth Companies in the Developing World.

Active Management with an ESG Focus that is Matched to each Client’s Time Horizon and Liquidity Tolerance Profile.

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Frontier Emerging Markets "FEM"

With a cumulative population approaching that of the developed world, Frontier markets are often overlooked in spite of growing at a rate 4x faster. FEM offers an uncorrelated addition to any Global Equity Allocation.
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Global Emerging Markets "GEM"

With a cumulative population 4.5x larger than that of the developed markets and with aggregate GDP that exceeds them, Emerging Markets is a core part of any Global Equity Allocation.
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What sets us apart


Consilium is consistently profitable and at a level sufficient to attract and retain talent across the firm. We are dedicated to the space for the long haul.


A cohesive A-level team, experienced enough to see the big picture and with superior attention to detail to capture opportunities and not miss the little things. Our Clients can have confidence in us that we have the skillset to get the job done.

Institutional Infrastructure

Operations and Compliance staff that can consistently deliver exceptional error-free results and regulatorily compliant protections that ensure assets are invested per client directives, and a marketing function committed to open and transparent communication

Employee Owned Boutique

Our success is derived from meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations, and every ounce of care, diligence, conviction and attention goes into generating our performance. There is no corporate parent that will spin a narrative for us and subsidize bad decision making.


Emerging market assets have varying degrees of liquidity and investment time horizons. Achieving positive long-term results in fund vehicles is critically dependent on having like-minded investors in them so that any subscription/redemption activity does not negatively affect other clients in a difficult market cycle. Consilium’s due diligence on customers is as complete as theirs is on making an investment decision so that we minimize the risk of putting any investor into a product that does not meet its goals.

Investment Process

A commonsense design that can be intuitively understood combines a top-down macro analysis for Country/Currency overlay with a multi-factor screening model filtering the investable universe before traditional analytical legwork and channel checking begins on bottom-up work. Based on continuous feedback, we are constantly refining the process as we target consistent results as the market cycles.