Global Emerging Markets strategy


Consilium initiated a model portfolio in 2020 in order to establish a track record in the Global Emerging Market space using the same investment process that has been successfully used in our Frontier strategy for over a decade.  Over time, capacity with existing investment managers in the GEM space has become more and more constrained.  Large managers with large positions have little to no maneuverability in markets that are notoriously fickle when it comes to liquidity.  Our aim is to provide high-quality exposure to Global Emerging Markets that is capacity constrained so that sufficient flexibility is retained in order to optimize the strategy’s risk return profile.


Global Emerging Markets continue to be a growth story as compared to their developed market counterparts.  Overall cumulative GDP now exceeds that of the developed world, and any institutional investor must have exposure to this important subset to their overall investment portfolio.  Consilium offers an opportunity to early stage investors to participate in the same successful investment process as its Frontier Market strategy and in either a pooled investment vehicle or separately managed account that will be unique in its exposure and that will remain flexible and nimble compared to its larger peers.