Founding Partner

Charlie Cassels

Overview And Experience

35-year industry veteran. Buy-side career with positions in proprietary trading, portfolio management and risk management. Co-founded Consilium Investment Management in 2004 with the goal of bringing an independent viewpoint to emerging market fund management outside of New York and London’s crowded herd mentality. With experience in public and private equity, credit and real estate markets, focus has always been on quality in order to mitigate risk and maximize return in the EM space. Responsible for overall firm administration, strategic initiatives and managing firm risk.

Eat or be eaten

When choosing a frontier growth and emerging market manager, the question to ask is whether you want a predatory active manager or a herd-following passive manager.  Consilium knows what it is.  We are an active, boutique manager with a successful track record spanning over a decade.  We are the lion that doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of the sheep. 

Phone Number:

954 - 111-111