Jonathan Binder, Consilium’s Chief Investment Officer has over 25 years investing in the emerging markets.  Born in Bogota, Colombia and educated in England, he has spent his career in London, New York and South Florida.  Mr. Binder spent time at James Capital, Deutsche Bank, Americas Trust and Standard Bank in various equity sales, trading, research and portfolio management roles before co-founding Consilium in 2004.  He has visited more than 70 countries in his constant search to identify undiscovered investment opportunities.


Charles T. Cassel, CFA, leads the firm’s Risk Management and manages its Real Estate exposure. A buy-side portfolio manager for all of his 29-year career, Mr. Cassel brings a unique blend of real world experience to managing portfolio risk for all of Consilium’s advisory clients. His portfolio management and trading experience is broad-based in domestic and emerging markets, and he was one of the early investors in LDC debt instruments prior to the Brady plan. Prior to co-founding Consilium, he spent time at Banco Cafetero de Colombia, Americas Trust Bank and Standard Bank.